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11 jan 2021, 15:59
Deze tekst trof ik aan op Facebook, van een hotelmedewerker:

• As of this Tuesday at 12 am, local time in Cuba, the following provisions are put into effect in Santiago de Cuba:
NOTE 1: The school year is neither suspended nor paralyzed, but hygienic conditions and compliance with sanitary protocols for students, teachers and family members will be promoted and demanded, with the utmost rigor. Only those educational centers with epidemiological risk where students, teachers or workers are detected in the category of suspects or positive for COVID-19 are closed.
• Measurements:
1- Pedestrian circulation is prohibited from 7pm to 5am.
2- Suspend state and private transportation from 7 pm. * Those who fail to comply with these schedules may be sanctioned by the competent authorities of the National Revolutionary Police and the Ministry of the Interior.
3- Interprovincial transportation is prohibited as of Tuesday, January 12 at 12 am, local time in Cuba.
4- Use the nasobuco obligatorily for all activities.
5- To guarantee hand disinfection measures, the use of the nasobuco and adequate capacity in urban transport.
6- The centers that provide food sales services, restaurants, including those in the self-employed sector, will provide service with 50% of their capacity and will offer take-out food until 5pm.
7- Daily television appearance of Public Health managers with information on the epidemiological situation of the territory, especially with the leadership of the journalist Cuscó Tarradell and Dr. Luis Ricardo Manet Lahera, director of the Provincial Center for Hygiene, Epidemiology and Microbiology.
8- Establish isolation measures in Homes for the Elderly, Psychopedagogical Centers and the Psychiatric Hospital. Keep grandparents' houses closed.
9- Protect homeless people by applying the care system to them as isolation centers.
10- Elective surgical activity is suspended, remaining only for oncology patients and for emergencies.
11- Reduce hospital admissions for the possible compaction of Hospitals.
12- Decentralize the outpatient consultations of hospitals to Health Areas that do not have epidemiological risk.
13- Incorporate medical science students, stomatologists and workers from the sector into the research.
14- Organize the stomatological service only for emergency services and for prioritized groups.
15- Isolation in the homes will be carried out to all contacts of suspected and confirmed cases, limiting the use of isolation centers only for patients with decompensated comorbidities.
16- Make community support groups responsible, under the direction of family doctors, in monitoring compliance with isolation measures in the community.
17- Visits to hospitals and prisons are forbidden, which includes conjugal visits in the latter.
18- Revitalize remote work, leaving only essential personnel specifically in non-productive areas.
19- Collegiate with the provinces compliance with the sanitary measures in interprovincial rail and automotive transportation that are of an exceptional nature, this authorization by the Provincial Coordinator who attends the transport activity.
20- Activate interprovincial containment points with the utmost rigor.
21- Limit the wake service to 4 hours, only in funeral homes.
22- Administrations are responsible for guaranteeing the transportation of their workers outside the established hours.
23- Regulate and identify the administrative cars authorized to drive.
24- Expand the trade network with basic necessities, taking into account those that have gone on sale at MLC, such as chicken, oil, soap, detergent, according to the Annex document.
25- Recreational activities, playgrounds, nightclubs, cabarets, party rooms, discotheques, clubs, cinemas, swimming pools, beaches, theaters, youth club, gyms, as well as other sports facilities are suspended
26- Inter-municipal and provincial events and competitions are postponed.
27- Guarantee the continued Medical Assistance in the Hotels for the fulfillment of the investigation.
28- Self-Employed Workers (TPCP), who carry out activities on an outpatient basis, may only do so at home, to Comply with the measures of social isolation, without requiring any procedure or additional authorization.
29- Activities in religious institutions are suspended until the epidemiological situation in the province improves.
30- Parties and celebrations in private homes or state centers are prohibited.
31- The sale of alcoholic beverages in bulk or bottled is for take away only. No state outlet can provide them at tables or cause crowds.
32- The development of meetings that generate crowds is restricted, using videoconferences, complying with sanitary measures and recording the personnel who participate.
33- Activate the COVID BRIGADES in the “hot spots”, quarantine or borders.
34- Maintain economic activity in all food production centers and daily insurance.
35- Maintain all activities related to the ‘Ordering Task’.
36- Activate constant information to the population using media such as loudspeakers, local stations, and social media.
37- Apply administrative measures and severe legal sanctions for the act of violation of the indications.
38- Keep the offices for the collection of fines open, establishing 72 hours for the collection of fines for violations of the measures to confront COVID-19.
* Approved and signed by the president of the Provincial Defense Council Lázaro Expósito Canto, and the governor of the Santiago de Cuba province, Beatriz Johnson Urrutia.

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